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Mitzi ([personal profile] ranwaeyaah) wrote2015-08-20 09:22 pm

So 2015

WOW. Two years from my last post and so much has changed. Yesung has just come back from his military service YeWook is still real :D

Just today Kibum posted in his brand spanking new Instagram account that his contracted with SM ended two days ago.

I'm shipping new couples : Siwon and his virtual gf, the Chinese supermodel Liu Wen and Sandara and Donghae (who, lets face it, I probably started shipping when I saw Hae's shy Cyworld greeting but last year they revealed their 10 yr friendship in public). New babies Jackson Wang and Heo Youngji. And even Henry and Amber is alive when once shippy moments between these two seemed impossible.

SUJU is celebrating their 10th year in three months. Shindong and Sungmin started their army service in March and Hyukjae, Siwon and Donghae will go into thiers in the next few months.

Rambling but maybe just amazed this account is still alive! Woot~